The Morning I Pictured

I get up and pad softly across the room to pour myself a mug of coffee, pulling the pot out from the machine while it is still running and leaning over the steaming mug to catch a little extra warmth. Maybe I should risk going upstairs and waking the kids so I can grab a pair of socks from my room. … [read more]

The Lord Will Fight

Lately I have been struggling with my eating disorder. For well over half of my life, I have been bulimic. Bulimia is a horrible mind disease, because it says, “One more. Do that again.” It says, “You already ate a chocolate chip cookie after you promised yourself not to. You might as well finish the entire batch and then start in on the ice cream. You can deal with this problem later.” … [read more]

My Happiness Project

New year, new beginning. I am a person who gets completely inspired by planning ahead, but I tend to get overwhelmed by the reality of actually executing all my goals. I make resolutions and break them. I agree to things I regret when the time comes to follow through. Sometimes I give myself a goal in the middle of the week, only to forget by the time Sunday rolls around. … [read more]

The Thief

Sometimes, a thief comes to steal my joy. But he does it reeeeal sneaky-like. It sounds a little bit like this: “You’re on vacation! Live your life on vacation ‘to the full’! Maybe instead of dessert, you could enjoy another glass of wine.” … [read more]

Three Things Stories

Several months ago, I watched the movie Mr. Holmes. I admit, although Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books have so far aggravated me, I love film representations of the infamous Sherlock. … [read more]

Savored Grace

I am pleased to announce that Smells Like Brownies is moving to a new home! (In fact, it has already moved!) Welcome to Savored Grace.

When I concluded that the name Smells Like Brownies had run its course, I almost simultaneously gulped with fear. … [read more]

A Little Soul Searching

You may have noticed that there have been six months of silence around these parts. I took a vacation.

I needed a break from self-imposed deadlines, from taking more pictures of plates than of gap-toothed smiles, from the chore of writing about everything I cook and never cooking the same thing more than twice. … [read more]

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