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So…round about this time last year I was making all these wonderful resolutions…several of them to do with eating healthier and exercising more. Did I succeed in accomplishing all of my goals? Like most years, my answer is no…but at least this year there was a very cute and cuddly reason I didn’t lose those 10 lbs or eat kale for lunch every day!

Jake Bats at Toys2012 was both wonderful and stressful. Stressful because the plumbing in our house revolted twice, very expensively. But it really was the best year I’ve ever had—all year long I was able to look forward to becoming a mom, and then in October we welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Jake, into our family! Honestly, what could top that?

I neglected you pretty thoroughly, though. Let’s just agree that it was more important for me to feed my baby than it was to feed you. Sorry!

But this brings me to my first resolution of the year: to share at least two recipes with you every week.

This ties in pretty closely with my second resolution, which is to actually prepare dinner twice a week. Maybe you will have a hard time believing this, but cooking dinner is really not my strong suit. Yes, I love to cook, but I often find myself at dinner time standing in front of the open and completely full fridge thinking, “Geez, we don’t have anything to eat! Maybe we should order pizza…” Or else I spend all of my cooking energies making bread and brownies. But now with a little one who will soon to be able to sit at the table with us, it’s time to focus on healthier eating habits and family meals!

And finally, my third resolution: to eat a salad every day. As long as we can agree that my egg salad wrap counted for today. (Um…sometimes you have to follow the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law, right?…)

Of course, I have about a dozen other non-food related resolutions…because lists are great, and what list is completely rounded out with just three items on it!?

So what made it onto your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2013? I can’t wait to find out!

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  1. Stephanie Lynn - January 1, 2013 Reply

    My only specific food-related resolution is to learn to make saag paneer. I have a general goal of being healthier, though, which involves eating more fruits/veggies, eating out less (thus cooking at home more) and eating less sugar/white flour.

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