What Now?

When we brought our little, orange baby home from the hospital, we set him down next to the piano, asleep in his car seat, and looked at each other. What now? Did the professionals seriously just send us home with a baby…by ourselves? His entire life so far, I felt like we were being graded. […]

Just Caitlin

On the way home from preschool, my middle daughter usually keeps up a steady stream of inane chatter. She talks about the art projects she did that morning and conversations we had yesterday. I give myself permission to listen with only one ear, rotating through several noncommittal exclamations. “Really? Hm. That sounds interesting.” But this […]

Reading Challenge 2020

As you know, I believe that reading brings greater happiness than just about any other activity you can possibly do. Reading inspires creativity, teaches us about other perspectives, and occasionally, changes our lives for the better. I love reading. Which is why every year, I do a reading challenge with my best friend! This year’s […]