Lavender Walnut Scones

Everywhere I look this Spring, I see blooming pink azaleas, vibrant purple irises, and fields of tulips. Flowers are simply everywhere.

Including in these scones.

Now, don’t panic. These scones don’t taste like a bite out of your flower beds or anything. But they are delicately fragrant and slightly herbaceous. Honestly, a perfect Spring treat!

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Butter Buddies

My husband and I recently took a mini vacation in the Shenandoahs. By the way, if you have never done that, it’s beautiful! The views are just incredible, and if you get a clear night the stars will take your breath away. We had a room with no TV and no internet, which may sound like torture, but it was actually kind of a relief to be screen-free for the weekend. We took hikes and read books and played games…

And suddenly I was transported back to childhood camping trips that my family took. We would pack our old brown Caravan full of gear and coolers and snacks and drive for about a thousand pages (er…hours…) down to Florida where, unlike in the rest of the eastern seaboard, it was warm.

My mom always made these great snacks for us, and chief among the camping delights I found myself craving during our weekend in the Shenandoahs was butter buddies.

Butter Buddies are much like Muddy Buddies…except they are even more awesome. Instead of chocolate and peanut butter, which is definitely a strong combination, my mom made her confectioner’s-sugar-covered Chex with butterscotch and peanut butter. Believe me, that combination is amazing! Sweet and salty at the same time, but a much lighter and brighter flavor than the choco-peanut butter mix. I love it.

So when we returned home, literally the first thing I did was buy a box of Chex so I could make myself some butter buddies. These take about 10 minutes to make, and they are basically irresistible. You know you want some…

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English Muffins

When I was little, English muffins had one primary, special purpose: fried egg sandwiches.

These were truly one of my favorite treats as a kid—fried egg sandwiches have everything a kid could ever want: a healthy dose of melted butter, a warm egg, Velveeta cheese, and plenty of ketchup. (If that sounds gross to you, don’t worry…I don’t mandate that you use these English muffins to make fried egg sandwiches…though I do still absolutely love them. Guilty pleasures die hard.)

Now I know most people like their English muffins topped by butter and jam. As an adult, I have come to prefer mine with Nutella, that glorious excuse to eat a mountain of chocolate for breakfast.

But no matter how you fix up your English muffins in the morning (or afternoon…or evening…), I definitely recommend that you take a break from the store brand and try your hand at making English muffins fresh! They will blow your mind, I swear.

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