Giada’s Bruschetta

Bruschetta is one of the best appetizers and snacks around. And Giada’s bruschetta? Holy moly, it’s amazing.

This bruschetta is bright and fresh tasting. It takes about 10 minutes to make, and your friends will be completely amazed…let me tell you, this stuff will disappear quickly (hence the rather sparse amount of bruschetta in the picture above)! Thank goodness it makes a lot, otherwise you might not even get any.

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Whole Wheat Zucchini Waffles

This month for the Secret Recipe Club, I was assigned a great blog: Amy’s Cooking Adventures. She has so many delicious recipes that I really had a hard time deciding what to make! So many of Amy’s dishes looked yummy, from her Avocado and Egg Grilled Cheese to her Balsamic Pasta Salad. I am definitely looking forward to making several of the recipes from her blog, but I could only choose one to post for the Secret Recipe Club challenge.

When I asked my husband to weigh in on what I should make, he voted for these waffles…probably because I have been promising to make him French toast for ages and he figured this was the next best thing. I was only too happy to seize an opportunity to make a whole grain, veggie-filled breakfast for him! (Of course, the syrup kind of negates the healthiness, but we can still count this as a wholesome breakfast, right?)

The flavor of these waffles is fantastic, a little nutty from the whole wheat, but still light because of the zucchini. Not too sweet, with a hint of cinnamon. While waffles aren’t exactly the quickest breakfast treat to make, I will definitely be making this recipe again in weekends to come!

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The Baked Brownie

It’s hard to imagine that I have a blog called “Smells Like Brownies” and had never tried the infamous Baked brownie until a few weeks ago.

Let me tell you, these things are amazing. I’m still not convinced that they are the best brownie in the world—I mean, what a crazy label to live up to! Some people think that any brownie worth it’s salt (er…cocoa?) must have nuts in it, some people love the edge pieces above all else, and some people won’t even eat a fudgie brownie because they find them too intense.

If you are one of those people…then I am your polar opposite. And so is the Baked brownie.

Like I said, these are some dang good brownies. I would make them regularly if my wallet or rapidly expanding waistline could afford that much fancy dark chocolate. If you’ve never tried the Baked brownie, then thank your lucky stars those generous bakery owners printed the recipe, and let’s get baking!

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