Teddy Bear Picnic

The sweetest girl in the whole world just had her first birthday. I am honestly still a bit stunned that she is a year old. That whole third-child thing? It’s real. Time is legit zooming by … [read more]

Caitlin’s Art Birthday Party

It has been a long while since I’ve written about a birthday party on Savored Grace. But my beautiful, vibrant daughter Caitlin turned 4 (!), and I can’t wait to share her art party with you! … [read more]

Celebrating Holy Week with Kids

This year, one of my major happiness goals is to make a big deal out of celebrating Easter. I got to thinking after a talk at my moms group last year: why is Christmas such a huge deal, but Easter is a second-rate holiday? … [read more]

Jake’s Birthday Costume Party

How in the world did my son turn 5? It’s not like the days or years have felt short; I honestly can’t even remember (because it seems so long ago) what my life was before this kid made me a mom. … [read more]

How to Transport a Tiered Wedding Cake

I dearly wish I had taken pictures of the fancy cakes I baked last summer when they were in the car. Then I could have shown you that they did actually survive being in my car. … [read more]

Wedding Cake Should Be Chocolate: The Bridal Cake

Last summer, I tried on the hat of official wedding cake baker, and I baked for a gorgeous wedding with 200 guests! Today I am going to share with you the ultimate challenge of that adventure: the bridal cake. … [read more]

Wedding Cake Should Be Chocolate: The Groom’s Cake

Last summer I made a wedding cake! Or, to be more precise, I made a bridal cake, a groom’s cake, and several sheet cakes for the absolutely gorgeous wedding of some friends of mine! … [read more]

Wedding Cake Should Be Chocolate: The Planning Stage

Last year, when a dear friend asked me to do the wedding cake for her daughter, I was immediately all in. Yes, of course! … [read more]

Storybook Birthday Party

One month ago, my darling baby Caitlin turned 2! Of course, if you ask her how old she is, she says, “Cake!” … [read more]

Candyland Birthday Party

My crazy little man is 4 years old! Jake definitely gave me a run for my money this year. … [read more]

First Birthday Bubble Bash

Somehow a whole year has flown by, and my baby girl turned 1! In some ways, it doesn’t even seem real: she still has no teeth and she’s not walking on her own quite yet. … [read more]

Milk Bar Funfetti Cake

I like to call people up on their birthdays and sing to them. So someone call me up and croon a little tune, because this blog is FIVE YEARS OLD! … [read more]

“Should I Share My Ice Cream?” Party

My son is smart and wily and creative. He is thoughtful and determined and energetic. And he is 3 years old! … [read more]

How to Make a Wedding Cake: Assembly and Finishing Touches

It’s been a while since I began the saga of making a wedding cake for some good friends of ours. First, I told you all about selecting flavors and then … [read more]

How to Make a Wedding Cake: Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting

Woo-hoo, it’s time to frost a wedding cake! You guys, this step is totally daunting. I’m not going to lie to you. … [read more]

How to Make a Wedding Cake: Pumpkin Spice Cake

So…it’s been a while since I started sharing the process of making a wedding cake with you. A lot has been going on around our house, and I will tell you all about it soon … [read more]

How to Make a Wedding Cake: Cheesecake Filling

Last time, I shared the inception of this wedding cake with you. To recap: the bride and groom requested a 3-tier cake, each tier consisting of pumpkin spice cake, a thin cheesecake filling, and Baileys cream cheese frosting on the outside. … [read more]

How to Make a Wedding Cake: The Concept

I may have been somewhat MIA over the last several weeks, but I promise I have not been idle. I have been hard at work on a wedding cake for a good friend of ours! … [read more]

Farm Birthday Party

It happened. My baby turned 2! I am still not sure how this is possible … [read more]

How to Prepare a Special Feast (Without Wishing You Weren’t)

This afternoon, as I was awkwardly stuffing the contents of four sacks of groceries into my fridge, it occurred to me that we haven’t really talked about Christmas dinner. … [read more]

Curious George Party

My baby is 1!! How did that even happen? In keeping with my goal to one day turn into Annie of Annie’s Eats, I planned the heck out of a birthday party for him. … [read more]