Pumpkin Roll Cake

Yay! It’s Fall! Let’s celebrate by eating as much pumpkin-inspired food as possible! Let’s wrap our houses in oranges and reds and put various gourds in our front porches.

When I whipped the season’s first can of pumpkin out of my cabinet, the first thing I wanted to make was this pumpkin roll cake. It’s amazing! And easy! Not too sweet, slightly cinnamony, filled with cream-cheese goodness…ahh, pumpkin desserts, how I have missed you these last few months!

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Quinoa Bean Salad with Lemon-Basil Dressing

Are you wondering what to do with the last of the summer produce?

I still find myself in the grocery store looking longingly at the tomatoes, even as I am getting super hyped about fall squash. So I decided to say goodbye to summer in style before the summer goodies completely lost their luster!

This bright and flavorful quinoa salad was just what I needed. Packed full of veggies and beans, it’s super healthy, and the lemon-basil dressing complements it perfectly. If you have any summer veggies hanging around, I highly recommend you join me and toss them in with some quinoa for a healthy lunch!

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Greek Quesadillas

You know what I need? More 10-minute dinner recipes.

You know why? I am about to become a mother. And infants + complex meals = crazy, worn out mommies. Or so I’ve heard from every single mother of young children I know.

With some trepidation, I have begun gearing up for the first few weeks after the baby arrives. This has not been an easy task, given that we are also having MAJOR, emergency construction done in our house to fix some broken pipes underneath our foundation (booo!). Anyway, I am trying to listen to the advice of my friends, who tell me to do any cooking I want to do now, before my son makes his grand debut, because I won’t be able to spend any time cooking or baking for several months after he is born.

Honestly, even though part of me sees great wisdom in this advice, part of me is incredibly discouraged every time someone tells me to say goodbye to my kitchen.

But you know what makes me incredibly happy? These quesadillas! Not only does my husband love them, but they are super fast and easy…and unlike most quesadillas, actually pretty good for you! I feel quite confident that these babies can remain in the rotation, even after my little one enters the fray!

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Honey Nut Granola Muffins

One day last week, I woke up and realized that there was no food in the house.

I mean, sometimes there is no quick food in the house, nothing in the fridge that is ready to go. But on this morning, there was almost nothing. No cereal, no eggs, no butter, none of my favorite coffee yogurt…

In short, it was going to be a scramble to pull together something for breakfast, given that almost every recipe in my head required something we were out of. I should be less of a hermit and go grocery shopping more frequently, right?

I whined to my husband for a little while and he kindly suggested that I make muffins or scones. Of course, scones need butter and muffins need eggs. But then I suddenly remembered subbing yogurt for eggs in a cookie recipe I made recently…and if it works for cookies, why not for muffins, too?

As I had no chocolate chips, and wanted to go for something a little healthier anyway, I decided to try out an idea I’d had for making a muffin filled and topped with granola. And a star was born! Whole grains, yogurt, honey, and nuts…a wholesome combination indeed 🙂

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Neiman Marcus Cookies

So perhaps you’ve heard of the infamous Neiman Marcus cookie.

As urban legend goes, a mom and her daughter were shopping at the Neiman Marcus department store, and they stopped to get some lunch. After sampling a chocolate chip cookie, which they deemed to be the best chocolate chip cookie on the face of the earth, they asked their waitress if they could get the recipe. The waitress hesitated a bit, then agreed saying, “Okay, but I’ll have to charge you two-fifty.” $2.50, thought the mother, what a deal! However, when she got home and looked more closely at her credit card receipt, she saw that she had been charged $250.00 for the cookie recipe! Indignant, she decided to make the recipe public so that no one else could be taken advantage of in the same way.

Neiman Marcus of course denies this ever happened, that in fact they didn’t even sell cookies until after this incident supposedly occurred. And for a long while, they had a cookie recipe posted on their site as evidence that they would never perpetrate such an injustice.

I can’t find that “official” recipe anymore, but there are still several recipes floating around the interwebs claiming to be the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe. Whether or not the story is true, I was intrigued enough to want to try these cookies (or at least a version of them) for myself. After all, something claiming to be the best chocolate chip cookie in the world is worth investigating, right?

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