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Mocha Macarons

One word: Ladurée. If you have never been to this Paris pâtissier and sampled their famed macarons, then you don’t know what you are missing. I went in thinking, “I am going to try a real macaron!” and left with a box of 8…oops. My favorite was the vanilla, which is weird considering that I […]

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Leek Tart a.k.a. baking quiche in France!

Macarons. Beautiful fresh veg from the local market. Pain au chocolat. Comté and dijon on a baguette. Crème au chocolat with an espresso. Wine at lunch. Crème brulée. Hot chèvre. Croissants. Good grief. Food in France is an art…and I gained 5 pounds during the week my husband and I spent there, because everything was […]

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