CSA Week 17: Miso-Curry Delicata Squash

We have been getting a lot of fall squashes from the CSA! At least two per week, usually weighing in over 1 lb. apiece. Good thing I love fall squash! It’s also been fun to get to know some of the different varieties. Normally, I am a butternut-acorn-pumpkin girl, but now I am learning about […]

CSA Week 15: Corn Cakes with Tomato Avocado Salsa

Let’s keep it sweet and simple. Like these corn cakes! This recipe was practically written for the ingredients in my fridge. CSA this week brought more corn, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce. Add in a handful of potted basil, a green pepper left over from last week, and a ripe avocado, and you’ve got a slam […]

CSA Week 13: Movie Ratatouille

Ode to My Mandoline Oh mandoline! How your sharp, angled blade sets my heart a-flutter. Your smooth, white surface Parallel and barely offset from that blade Eagerly waits for squashes and eggplants To be swept across it. As I slice hundreds of thin slivers of vegetables, Quickly but carefully, I exclaim with surprise and delight […]