CSA Week 17: Miso-Curry Delicata Squash

Miso-Curry Delicata Squash

We have been getting a lot of fall squashes from the CSA! At least two per week, usually weighing in over 1 lb. apiece.

Good thing I love fall squash!

It’s also been fun to get to know some of the different varieties. Normally, I am a butternut-acorn-pumpkin girl, but now I am learning about kabocha, buttercup, carnival, and the lovely delicata.

This is an amazing recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks: Super Natural Every Day. I love that the curry isn’t too spicy, but it perfectly complements the sweetness of the squash. Plus, this meal is so healthy! It combines fresh potatoes and kale, which are also in season right now from the CSA, with fall squash and tofu: Perfect nutritional balance of brightly colored veggies, complex carbs, and protein.

(And the best part was that Dave loved it, despite the kale and squash, which he typically hates! He hoarded all of the leftovers to himself…I’m just saying.)

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CSA Week 16: Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the crisp, cool air, the leaves on the ground, and giving myself permission to eat heavier foods again.

The week, CSA dumped a big pile of hard, green apples into my lap—perfect for making a fall dessert! Tarte tatin!

This dessert is a little nerve-wracking to make, but the result is (apparently) delicious!

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Quinoa-Stuffed Bell Peppers

Quinoa-Stuffed Bell PeppersI love food. I especially love good food…stuffed inside of other good food! (No. I am NOT talking about a tur-duck-en. Gross.)

These stuffed peppers are tangy and spiced (not spicy, but full of bold flavors). I used tri-color quinoa, mixed in with corn, black beans, a small chili pepper, and cilantro. I love that this recipe uses sweet potatoes for an unexpected sweetness to contrast with the Southwestern spices. Yum! In short…they are amazing.

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Donut Muffins

Donut Muffins

I have a confession to make.

I don’t like donuts. (*gasp!*)

Sure, when I was little, I could down a chocolate-creme-filled as well as the next kid. I loved me some powdered sugar, even when I accidentally inhaled it. And that sticky, gooey, sweet coating on a glazed donut made my heart go pitter-pat.

But some time in my teen years, I discovered the Krispie Kreme hot donut light. In fact, I went to school about a mile away from a Krispie Kreme shop, so I used to drive by regularly and snag a donut (or two…) whenever possible. But, um…those things are a gut bomb and a half! After a while, I literally couldn’t stomach them anymore; the mere idea of Krispie Kreme was enough to make me feel sick to my stomach. And ever since, donuts just haven’t been that appealing to me.

Hey, don’t judge me. I figure I eat so many other buttery, sugary foods that it’s really a blessing to have one I am not magnetically drawn to.

But recently, I think Dave has had donuts on the brain. When we were asked to bring a “decadent” dessert to a dinner with friends, his first suggestion was donuts.

I hemmed and hawed and then found a recipe for donut muffins on Secrets from the Cookie Princess, my Secret Recipe Club blog for September!

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CSA Week 14: Sweet Corn Risotto

Sweet Corn Risotto

My computer recently decided that its SD card reader didn’t exist. When you add that to the fact that two of the three USB ports had already abandoned ship, and that Word recently glitched and erased a whole day’s work on an editing project I was doing, you probably arrive at the conclusion that I was not happy.

Not. Happy. At. All.

So, sorry for not writing about my delicious week until now…there were fresh salads and eggs with home fries and pizza (go figure) and biscotti. Oh, and this risotto!

I have always been a little wary of risotto. The first one I ever made was insanely delicious, but I had not yet really grasped the concept of cooking with low heat, so the center of the rice wasn’t cooked fully by the time water was absorbed. Oops. And ever since, in an effort to correct that mistake, I end up overcooking the rice (um, and worse, adding extra water sometimes), and the risottos come out gummy instead of creamy.

If you’ve ever made a great risotto, you are probably thinking those are rookie mistakes, and maybe you’re right. But I think I’ve finally gotten it right, and boy do I feel excited!

This risotto is savory and creamy and perfect. I fully credit the clear directions rather than anything I did especially well, so I think you will have an easy time of it when you make this yourself!

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CSA Week 14: Roasted Tomato Buckwheat Galettes

Roasted Tomato Buckwheat Galette

A few weeks ago, we went to Montreal with several of my husband’s siblings.

Traveling with a baby is…interesting. We had fun, but I am not too eager to fly with Jake again soon (and sorry to everyone who suffered from burst eardrums when my cheerful, angelic child turned into a velociraptor). One of the other weird things about traveling with a baby is that sightseeing time is cut in half…since we had to keep going back to the hotel for naps.

But even though I missed a few museums and bike rides, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that I did not miss out on delicious food. Specifically, food from the famed Montreal dessert restaurant, Juliette et Chocolat.

Holy moly. We went there three times. I wish I were still there right now.

Oddly enough, although I fully intend to try my hand at several of their desserts, the first thing I am recreating is one of their savory specials, the tomato galette.

You may be scratching your head in confusion right now, since I obviously made a crêpe in the picture above. But I learned from Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini that in France, savory crêpes are often made with buckwheat and called galettes! I struggled with whether or not to make a pie-style galette here at home, since that lines up better with my expectations of the word galette, but eventually I decided to go the more authentic French route. My main consideration, honestly, was the tomatoes. I have had a lot of trouble with soggy veggies on pizzas and galettes this summer (CSA veg is so fresh that it seems to release a lot more liquid when heated), and it would have broken my heart to waste good CSA produce! I knew that roasting the tomatoes separately would be the best thing for the dish as a whole, which meant screwing up my courage and making crêpes for the first time.

Um…by the way…crêpes are probably the easiest thing in the world. If you’re worried about not having the right kind of pan, then don’t— you can always make slightly smaller crêpes!

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CSA Week 13: Movie Ratatouille

Movie Ratatouille

Ode to My Mandoline

Oh mandoline! How your sharp, angled blade sets my heart a-flutter.
Your smooth, white surface
Parallel and barely offset from that blade
Eagerly waits for squashes and eggplants
To be swept across it.
As I slice hundreds of thin slivers of vegetables,
Quickly but carefully,
I exclaim with surprise and delight
That I will never again need to spend two hours
Awkwardly cutting vegetables to make ratatouille.
Dearest mandoline,
You have vaulted to the top of my list
Of favorite kitchen implements.

When I think about this dish, I often think about the food critic in the movie Ratatouille saying, “If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow.” Happily, he loved this ratatouille, and after you make this, you will know I am not kidding when I say that the movie ratatouille is possibly the most delicious veggie dish ever. And it better be, since it takes almost all day to make (um, but much less time if you have a mandoline to slice up all that veg. Worth the $30. Deeeefinitely worth it!). But your tenacity will definitely be rewarded!

I made this from a combination of CSA veggies and farmer’s market finds. Hurry out while summer produce is still plentiful and grab yourself as many tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, and summer squash as your arms can carry!

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