Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Last Christmas, my husband’s family all gathered in California to spend a week together. It was that week of bizarre weather when it drizzled almost nonstop…and every native Californian freaked out and half the roads closed (as a Virginian, I found this reaction about as silly as how Richmonders behave if there’s a possibility of […]


So. Thanksgiving is over. Leftovers abound. Including—if you followed my advice to make your own pie crust—many little scraps of unused pie dough. What are you going to do with those scraps, you wonder? (Don’t worry, if you were a bit delinquent and ate them already, or worse yet if you didn’t make your own […]

Pumpkin Caramel Layer Cake

Pumpkin. Cake. Need I say more? (haha, just kidding…you know I’m going to say much, much more…) I know the traditional pumpkin dessert is pie, but honestly I have never really gotten behind pumpkin pie. It’s just something about the cloves…and the oddly moist, yet gelatinous consistency of the pumpkin filling. So what is a […]