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Pasta Primavera in White Wine Butter Sauce

One of the challenging aspects of being a vegetarian is how hard it is to find Italian food. Most Italian restaurants only offer vegetarian options that consist entirely of carbs, cream, and cheese. I shouldn’t really complain about that, because homemade ravioli is heavenly, but I do often find myself wishing for more variation. The […]

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CSA Heaven: Roasted Vegetable Stuffed Bell Peppers

Sometimes I try to do the majority of my prep while also cooking other components of a dish. It’s at such times when I realize how slowly I do things like shuck ears of corn and dice…well, anything. And how quickly onions burn. Still, somehow these stuffed peppers came out very well! No doubt because […]

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Salad of the Week: Sesame Sprout Green Salad

I love vegetables. Especially green ones. So when I looked in my fridge this week, and I realized that (except for tomatoes) all of my vegetables were green, I decided to take advantage of the beauty photosynthesis provided me and combine it all in a salad. Baby spinach, broccoli, green peppers…what more could a salad […]

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