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CSA Week 13: Salmon-Squash Kebabs

Um…do you ever get all excited about a picture of a recipe, only to read the ingredients and realize you totally misinterpreted what you saw in the picture? Yeah. I found a beautiful picture of salmon kebabs this week and did a little dance about how pretty the squash medallions looked with the salmon and […]

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CSA Week 12: Niçoise Salad with Seared Tuna

I looked in my fridge this week and almost had a panic attack. It has finally hit me…the overwhelming overabundance of veg. You know, when I told my friends that I was joining a CSA for the summer, anyone who had ever done a CSA before me immediately commented that although it was a fun […]

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allergy-friendly CSA & farmer's market dairy-free gluten-free mains soups & chilis Summer vegan vegetarian wholesome

CSA Week 9-10: Gazpacho

The first time I ever had gazpacho, it was more like a mealy pureed tomato than soup. I decided gazpacho wasn’t worth my time and promptly forgot about it. But last week, with three cucumbers and one beefsteak tomato in the same CSA box, I got to thinking. When three more tomatoes and a bell […]

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