CSA Week 17: Winging It

Sometimes I look in my fridge and think, “Why is there nothing to eat!?” As I am staring at the shelves piled high with perfectly good food, nothing seems like it would come together quickly, and none of my produce and dairy products and leftovers seem even remotely able to work together. Does that ever […]

CSA Week 17: Miso-Curry Delicata Squash

We have been getting a lot of fall squashes from the CSA! At least two per week, usually weighing in over 1 lb. apiece. Good thing I love fall squash! It’s also been fun to get to know some of the different varieties. Normally, I am a butternut-acorn-pumpkin girl, but now I am learning about […]

Quinoa with Butternut and Broccolini

It’s the middle of January! I am already flagging on my New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy. Is that just me? It’s time for a delicious pick-me-up. And what is more delicious than a glut of hearty, colorful veggies, stirred into some slightly chewy, nutty quinoa? My good friend Sarah over at Well Dined agreed […]